PVC Coating

Expert Coating Company, INC. can handle any coating project, large or small. If you need something stronger than Powder Coating, we offer PVC Coating for any of your coating needs.

PVC (polyvinyl coating) plastisol liquid is a heavier coating than powder coating. It is used for:

  • PVC coating of plating racks
  • PVC coating of assemblies for plating lines and systems
  • PVC coating of steel and aluminum fixtures, such as parts, lawn furniture, grates, and much more
  • PVC coating of tool handles and grips
  • PVC boots and sleeves can be molded from forms

PVC coating protects steel and copper from the acid erosion, rusting and weather elements. We can coat any number of products, no matter the size. We have a hi-temp black and green coating available.

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