Rack Manufacturing Products

Expert Coating Company, INC. offers a range of Rack Manufacturing Product options to fit any of your Rack Manufacturing Projects. These include:

  • Anodized - aluminum frames coated and cleaned
  • Etch Racks - these can be made all from titanium and are not coated
  • Paint Racks - steel frame with stainless steel clips/contacts or with simple hooks
  • Powder Coat Racks - steel frames with stainless steel clips or simple hooks
  • PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) Racks - frames or a single stainless spline with stainless steel contacts, depending on the system
  • Baskets - all sizes, for all sorts of uses, uncoated or PVC coated. They can be fabricated from mild steel and expanded metal, all stainless, combinations of both or titanium
  • Copper and Steel Hooks - for miscellaneous uses, coated or uncoated.

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