Custom Rack Designs made for you!

Expert Coating Company, INC.'s racks are custom designed for each part and customer. Even though the fabrication process is the same the design is always specific.

What is a Rack?

A Rack is a device used in the plating industry to hold parts and to accommodate the process of depositing various metals on them for protection, enhancement or beautification.

The rack basically consists of a head (top formed hooks), frame (splines), crossbars and clips or contacts. This complete frame is then PVC coated and clips are bared of PVC to make contact.

Since the process is called Electro Plating, current plays an important role. The choice of metals to build a rack is usually copper, known for its conductivity.

  • Heads come in many forms depending on the machine being used C1100 Copper bar is formed. Brass castings are also used.
  • Frames are generally fabricated from copper, also C1100 with steel reinforcement. Cold rolled steel is often used for this purpose. aluminum can also be used, depending on the application.
  • Clips or Contacts firmly hold the part and supply the current. They are now made of stainless steel, Type-301 spring temp clip stock material.

What we do:

We use flat and round material and combinations of both in producing the contacts required. Titanium material is also used in an etching or anodizing process or when the chemicals being used call for them.

Coating is applied to the rack after it has been sandblasted and primed. Our black coating is a unique hi-temp formula created for us.

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